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May 22 2018

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that’s not a very prude outfit

May 20 2018

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@standby-art‘s cute new girl!

May 18 2018

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clothed fox

May 17 2018

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no escape

May 15 2018

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the very rare Fox Girl

May 13 2018

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May 11 2018

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I am becoming slower and slower

May 02 2018

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playing more with not-pinups and decided to doodle the dragon bae and the adventure duo-

April 28 2018

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Illustration Commission 04-28-18


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Here come that boy (again)

April 23 2018

literally never ever use an apple product or do any business with apple jesus fucking christ this company is so worthless at everything they do

April 22 2018

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Stream Commission #1 - That’s a big girl!


April 20 2018

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I meant to just do a warmup and ended up sketching an entire design. Oops.

High level force magic goes from just pushing things, to pushing things so hard that they disintegrate. This is the basis of Mado’s “Death Ray” spell. It takes a lot of essence to use, but will break almost any defense. That’s the kind of power you expect at A Rank!


April 19 2018

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Goodest boy

April 14 2018

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Local Half Elf Can’t Stop Trying to Fuck Rocks

April 12 2018

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April 09 2018

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Best boy

March 29 2018

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boys are for bullying

This is very important

March 28 2018

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Birthday doodle

Sketchy doodle for ManorStories. Featuring Cat’s Eye oldest sister Rui Kisugi having her way with a young Manor. :3
Happy birthday ♥

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March 26 2018

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i hadn’t ever designed any full-blooded lady gigants yet, so i took it as an opportunity to try out a clothing aesthetic i’d seen and liked lately. Gigants are from a cold place, so can be explained with keeping out snow and cold too, aside from visual.

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