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February 07 2018

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Boys sharing some chicken breast (feat. @synicode​‘s Liam)

Link to SFW version

February 06 2018

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Some mhw monster humanization
Will do a full one l8r


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Should have worn something fire-resistant

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Commission for Sessel I forgot to post

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Commission for @dokturprofesur!

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? ? ? ? ? ? ? ??

February 05 2018

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Commission for AlluringCrest!

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No homo

February 04 2018

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I decided to make a blog for just my SFW art since I know some people dont want to look at random tits and dicks at work (and in case tumblr fucks NSFW blogs up)

Let it be known that I won’t stop posting all my art here, I’ll just be reposting the SFW stuff to the new blog too.

Click the image above or go here: https://atendragon.tumblr.com/

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I won’t even bother to try and explain this redesign

February 03 2018

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Quick Tanya ass I forgot to post last night

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Slime meets slime

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A new NSFW OC, Rayna.

She’s been work in progress for quite some time, but I’ve finally gotten around to completing her character ref.

There she is

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Commission for @Drakethesly

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A lewd gift for @dipsterer B)

February 02 2018

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Commission for @Drakethesly

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A lewd gift for @dipsterer B)

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I hadn’t drawn a soft shaded picture in so long, I’m super happy with having pulled this one into color

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